Duration three months (three sessions per week) 50,000(one shot payment/emi)[THE ABLETON LIVE & FRUITY LOOP 12]

Duration three months (three sessions per week) 70,000(one shot payment/emi)[LOGIC PRO]

The Ableton Live Interface
Session View and Arrangement View Session View Interface An Introduction to Live Projects and Live Sets Live Library, Live 9 Browser

Audio Tracks
Clips in Session View
Clip View Properties
Clip Envelopes

Clip View Properties
Warp Modes
Wrap Markers
Clip Envelopes

Setting Up for Recording
Recording in Session View
Recording in Arrangement View

Max for Live Instruments
Max for Live Audio Effects
Max for Live MIDI Effects

Making an Arrangement with Session View Clips
Editing in Arrangement View

Keyboard Layout, Octaves
Sharps and Flats, Identifying Intervals
Consonance vs. Dissonance
Major Minor Scales
Introduction to Chords, Inversions

Internal & External MIDI
Setting Up MIDI Controllers
Creating MIDI Clips, MIDI Effects
MIDI Routing and Monitoring
Instrument Racks, Drum Racks

Creating beats with Ableton
Creating a Chord Progression
Creating bass lines
Creating melodies, leads and pads
Editing in Arrangement View

Types of Audio Effects
Insert Effects, Send Effects
Master Track Effects, Equalization (EQ)
EQ Eight Filter Modes, Dynamic Compression
Saving Presets, Save as Default
Applying Audio Effects as a Send Effect
Audio Effect Racks, Third-Party Effects

Mix Automation in Arrangement View
Overriding Automation and the Re-enable
Automation Button
Mixing and Mix Automation Tips
Master Track Plug-Ins
Using Dither, Exporting Your Mix

Fruity Loop 12
Audio Tracks Clips in Session View Clip View Properties Clip Envelopes
  • Audio & MIDI Setup
  • The Step Sequencer
  • Adding Plugins
  • Recording & Editing MIDI
  • Using Patterns
  • The Browser
  • Arranging in the Playlist
  • Key Shortcuts
  • The Mixer
  • Recording & Editing Audio
  • Parametric EQ 2
  • Workflow Organization
  • Mixer Routing & Sends
  • Automation Clips
  • MIDI Controller Mapping
  • Recording Automation & The Event Editor
  • Piano Roll Editing
  • Layer Tool
  • Channel Grouping
  • Rendering a Song
  • CPU Optimization
  • MIDI Routing & Output
  • Multi-Out Plugins
  • Time Stretching & Pitch Shifting
  • Precomputed Effects
  • Conclusion
Introduction to DAW

Accessing Parameters Through Automation Menu
Automation of Effects (Delay, Phasers, etc…)
Editing Automation

Reverb & Delay Effects
Time Based Effects
Pitch Correction
Amp Designer
Dynamic Effects

  • History of Recording
  • Bit Depth – Sample Rate
  • DAW Interface
  • Metronome settings
  • Setting up Tracks
  • Difference between Audio and MIDI
  • Clips Regions and Loops
  • Editing and Regions
  • Editing Tools
  • Saving and Exporting Your Track
  • VST Instruments & Usage
  • Recording a MIDI Instrument
  • Quantizing MIDI Performance
  • Piano Roll and Hyper Draw
  • Mute/Solo/Record Switches
  • Advance Midi Options
  • Mixer Channel
  • Recording Audio
  • Fade in & Fade Out
  • Trimming & Auto Split
  • Sample Editor
  • Key Commands
  • Work with tempo
  • Work with beat mapping
  • Karaoke
  • Introduction To Sound Designing
  • Introduction To Mixing & Mastering